Upon validation of an order by the buyer on our website, the latter undertakes to comply with all the general conditions herein.

Article 2: TARIFF

Our prices are subject to change without notice, subject to availability. Valid prices are those indicated at the time of the order as they appear on our site (except error or omission).

Our site is updated regularly (at least twice a day, Monday to Friday), however stocks are not indicated in real time.

Article 3: WINES in PRIMEUR

Primeurs are sold by 6 bottles case and multiples of 6

After payment of the order, a certificate of reservation excluding taxes is sent to the customer; Taxes are charged when the wines are made available at the rate in effect.

The wines are kept free for 6 months after the provision. After this period the storage costs will be invoiced at the as follows:

  • 2€ excluding taxes per month per case of 6
  • 4€ excluding taxes per month per case of 12 or 6 Magnums
  • 4€ excluding taxes per month for any other format
  • With a minimum of 50€ taxes excluding

Article 4 : TARIF

Nos prix sont sauf vente, sans engagement, sous réserve des stocks disponibles. Les prix valables sont ceux indiqués au moment de la commande tels qu'ils figurent sur notre site (sauf erreur ou omission).
Notre site est mis à jour régulièrement (au moins deux fois par jour, du lundi au vendredi), toutefois les stocks ne sont pas indiqués en temps réel.


  • Secure payment ; the payment by credit card is secured by an online payment system with SSL standards
  • Payment by bank transfer: you can send us a transfer through our partner bank. You will find all our bank details at the time of your order when choosing your method of payment.

We reserve the right to request payment by bank transfer in advance rather than by credit card in the event that we consider it useful for the security of the transaction.

Orders will only be effective upon receipt of payment from the buyer. Any order not paid within eight days will be canceled without formalities.
Upon receipt of your payment, an invoice will be sent to your billing address.
The transfer of ownership takes place as soon as the order is delivered to the indicated address.


The delivery phase by our teams, present from Monday to Friday, takes effect upon payment of the invoice. The order will be sent to the address indicated by the buyer when the order is validated.

Delivery to Metropolitan France will generally take 2 to 8 days depending on the destination.

Regarding deliveries abroad, the time varies according to the destination. Please note that orders are placed only Monday through Friday. For more information, we remain at the disposal of the buyer.

The internet site indicates wines available from our warehouse. Deliveries may only be made to the extent of available stocks. If the order can not be insured, it will be refunded in full or replaced in agreement with the buyer. The sale includes a retention of title clause in accordance with Law N ° 80335 of 12/05/080.

Article 7: PRICES

All prices are displayed in without French tax (HT) and in EURO. French VAT is 20%. Prices are per bottle or the indicated size. For transport and insurance costs, refer to the relevant sections.

Orders are non-quantitative unless otherwise indicated.

Rates are non-contractual. Some wines are reserved only for the French market.


Delivery Delay:

All our wines are immediately available and available the next day before 13h if sent Chronopost in France (for all orders placed and settled before 12am), 3 to 4 working days, classic transport within France Metropolitan and 5 to 8 days in Europe . Delays are strictly the responsibly of our carriers and not L’Enseigne de Bordeaux. Please note that exceedances of delivery time cannot give rise to damages.

Pick up from L'Enseigne du Bordeaux:

Free if pick up within 60 days of your order. After this period, we may apply storage fees. (Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 14:30 to 17:30)

Cost of Transport: See "Delivery"

Cost Insurance:

0,65% of the value of the order. The insurance is collected regardless of the amount of the order shipped, the destination and the mode of transport is either classic or express. This insurance allows you to be reimburse in the event of breakage, loss, or theft.

Receipt of Goods:

Please be sure to check all merchandise carefully on reception. The goods are covered while in the possession of the transporter. In the event of a dispute (theft, missing, damage), the damage must be specified and stipulated on the transport document at the time of delivery and must also be reported to the carrier by Registered Letter within 3 days of receipt. As soon as we have knowledge of the dispute, by fax, e-mail or post (within eight days at the latest) we will pay the insurance by means of refund or replacement wines by mutual agreement.

Please Note: Simply writing "subject to unpacking" will not be recognised by our insurance.

Delivery Adress:

Ensure that the delivery details are accurate. Indicate if possible the best telephone number (s) on which you can be contacted.

The goods remain our property until their full payment according to the terms of the law n ° 80 335 of May 12, 1980. Note: all our goods purchased, travel at the risks and perils of the recipient. It is the responsibility of the recipient to record precisely any missing and damaged items found on the receipt document which he must sign, date and confirm by Registered Letter within 3 days. All insurance claims based on "subject to unpacking" are automatically void.

Original woodcase:

The original woodcase are systematically shipped individually in Chronopost protective packaging. This is to prevent any impact related damage.

Therefore the original woodcase are opened and sent serarately in a second package.

The dedicated Chronopost packaging is specially adapted for bottles, enseuring optimum protection against shocks, light and temparature variations.


Any order not withdrawn from our cellars by the customer after 6 months of free guarding (the date of the invoice serving as the starting point for this 6-month period, the following costs will be invoiced:

  • 1€ excluding taxes per month per case of 6 bottles
  • 2€ excluding taxes per month per case of 12 bottles or 6 Magnums
  • 2€ excluding taxes per month and per case for any other format

50% discount on these prices for quantities greater than 60 bottles
60% discount for more than 120 bottles
75% discount for more than 300 bottles

To this will be added the insurance costs up to 0.50% per year calculated on the amount excluding tax of the wines invoiced. The customer is responsible for taking out additional insurance if he wishes.

  • With a minimum charge of 50 € excluding taxes


A period of retraction is offered to the purchaser in accordance with the provisions of article L 121-16 of the Consumer Code. The buyer has a period of 7 days from the delivery of his order. The exchange or refund of the order will be made within 30 days of receipt of the return of the order.

The order must be returned in the original packaging accompanied by the invoice.

The shipping costs (return), as well as the processing costs, will be at the borne by the buyer.

L'Enseigne du Bordeaux must be informed of the return of the goods by e-mail or by post.


In accordance with the French law No. 59-107 of January 7, 1959, the sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors of 18 years. The buyer has a legal commitment to be 18 years old at the date of the order.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. It is to be consumed in moderation.

L'Enseigne du Bordeaux undertakes it’s responsibility to respect the confidentiality of the information provided by the buyer, this information is exclusively reserved for the use of the L’Enseigne du Bordeaux.

Under Article 27 of Law N ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, the buyer is free to rectify or withdraw his personal information.

Article 12 : OTHER

Corked bottles:

Responsibility for bottled bottles lies with the property (or the negotiant) designated as the bottler. In case of cork taste the procedure is as follows: we return the bottle (full or practically) and its original cap with an accompanying letter stipulating the purchase from our company. Upon receipt, we send the complaint to the property (or trader) concerned who will judge the merits of the request and decide whether or not to replace it. Upon receipt of the reply we will inform you and in the event of a positive decision we will proceed to the replacement that will have proposed to us the property (or merchant).

Visuals: the visuals used on this site are not contractual.

Description of the wines: L'Enseigne du Bordeaux can not be held responsible for tasting comments, reviews or descriptions of the wines.


In application of the ministerial decree of modified October 5, 1945, any export of wines of controlled label of origin Champagne to all the countries other than those forming the European Union, must be accompanied by a certificate of origin Champagne. This document attests that the wines considered satisfy all the conditions required to benefit from the controlled label of origin Champagne

Each certificate of origin issued is invoiced 10 euros excluding taxes.