1. Delivery Times

All of the wines are in our warehouse and immediately available. Orders paid before 12:00 can be delivered within France (Chronopost) the next day. Please ask for standard delivery times outside of France.

[Typical standard delivery times 5/8 days Europe. Please note that we are not responsible for delivery times ]

All orders can be picked up free from L'Enseigne du Bordeaux. Pick up is free up to 60 days after payment. A storage fee can be applied after this date.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9h00 till 12h00 and 14h00 till 18h00

2. Transportation

2.a. Standard Transport:

- FRANCE Métropoltaine:
   Delevery in France by Chronopost before 14:00 the next day for all orders paid before 12:00.
   Up to 6 bottles : 17€ exc. taxes / 20,40€ inc. taxes
   6+: 1,25€ exc. taxes / 1,50€ inc. taxes
   Example: An order of 10 bottles will cost 20,40€ inc. taxes + 4 bottles (4x1,50€ = 6,00€) will cost 26,40€ inc. taxes. (+1% Chronopost insurance of the value of the order in case of loss, theft or breakage)

   Up to 3 bottles : 25€ exc. taxes / 30€ inc. taxes
   Up to 6 bottles : 35€ exc. taxes / 42€ inc. taxes
   Up to 12 bottles : 45€ exc. taxes / 54€ inc. taxes
   12+: 1,50€ exc. taxes / 1,80€ inc. taxes
   Example: An order of 15 bottles will cost 54,00€ inc. taxes + 3 bottles (3x1,80€ = 5,40€) will cost 59,40€ inc. taxes. (+1% Chronopost insurance of the value of the order in case of loss, theft or breakage)

   1 bottle: 35.00€ exc. taxes
   2 bottles: 46.00€ exc. taxes
   3 bottles: 50.00€ exc. taxes
   6 bottles: 67.00€ exc. taxes
   12 bottles: 126.00€ exc. taxes

   +1% insurance
   You can consult all of shiping costs for USA in this document.

Additional insurance will be applied for all destinations.

3. Insurance cost

Insurance is charged at 1% of the value of the order. Insurance covers the total value of the wines in case of loss, theft or breakage.

4. Wine reception

Please be sure to check all merchandise carefully on reception. The goods are covered while in the possession of the transporter. In the event of a dispute (theft, missing, damage), the damage must be specified and stipulated on the transport document at the time of delivery and must also be reported to the carrier by Registered Letter within 3 days of receipt. As soon as we have knowledge of the dispute, by fax, e-mail or post (within eight days at the latest) we will pay the insurance by means of refund or replacement wines by mutual agreement.

Please note: Simply writing "subject to unpacking" will not be recognised by our insurance.

Delivery Adress :Verify that the delivery details is accurate and provide the best telephone number(s) to be contacted on.

Please check at the wine reception that the packages are in good condition.

Even if everything seems to be in order, you must open the boxes when the driver is present and check that your order is complete and in good condition.

Important !

The proof of delivery is the official document that confirms the receipt of the order. It is necessary to write any notes on this document, especially if:

  • the “Warranty tape” tape has been removed
  • packages have been opened or damaged
  • missing wines
  • bottles are broken

If the delivery note is signed without any clear and precise endorsement on your part, we cannot accept a claim.

Finally, after completing all these transactions, you can sign the proof of delivery.

5. Original woodcase

The original woodcase are systematically shipped individually in Chronopost protective packaging. This is to prevent any impact related damage.

Therefore the original woodcase are opened and sent serarately in a second package.

The dedicated Chronopost packaging is specially adapted for bottles, enseuring optimum protection against shocks, light and temparature variations.